Meet Santa

Autistic and Loved Sensory Friendly Santa Event

Join us for a special event where we celebrate the holiday season with the first Autistic & Loved Sensory Friendly Santa Event!! Our Sensory Friendly Santa Event is the perfect opportunity for children with autism to meet Santa Claus in a calm and sensory-friendly environment.

During the event, children can take their time to visit Santa, share their holiday wishes, and take memorable photos. We have carefully designed the environment to minimize sensory overload, with soft lighting, quiet music, and a calm, comfortable setting.

We encourage families to bring any special items that may help their child feel more at ease. Whether it's a favorite toy, comfort item, or communication tool, we want to ensure that every child feels comfortable and supported.

We can't wait to see the smiles on the faces of all the children who attend! 

Come meet Santa in a calm, sensory-friendly environment!